Rebecca Fields
May 12, 2014, Steve Emery worked with Rebecca in the same group

I have worked with Steve for two years on the Prescott Recovery Day committee. I was Chairman of the Committee in 2013 and will be again in 2014. Steve took over my job as the Exhibitor Chairman last year. He increased our exhibitors from around 30 to over 50 last year. He worked very well with the committee and with the exhibitors. The Prescott recovery community has been very lucky to have Steve give his volunteer time and energy to this wonderful day of celebration.
Whenever I need a contact in the Prescott recovery community, I call Steve. He is my go to person who guides me to just the right person I need to contact at the time. He is highly regarded and meets his commitments.
Steve has also been a big part of my own recovery. He was the first one to reach out to me. He has set a wonderful example of what it means to be in recovery. Many times he and Anchorage house have done service work for me and many others.
Bottom line is if you have an opportunity to work with Steve, grab it.

Benjamin Isenberg
Former Program Director at ​True Accountability LLC
July 1, 2016, Benjamin managed Steve Emery directly

I've worked with Steve Emery for the past year at True Accountability in Prescott Arizona. Steve has shown competence, integrity, compassion, and experience as a group facilitator for True Accountability. Steve has worked with numerous modalities, and has shown excellence in DBT skills as a group facilitator and anger management as a group facilitator and individual counselor. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for guidance and experience in the addiction field for his knowledge base, and integrity. Steve has a very compassionate and real message for anyone struggling from the despair of addiction. I personally endorse him in his abilities as a leader and he brings the kind of voice we need in the battle against addiction.

Robert C. Patton
Owner/Executive Director - Clean Adventures, LLC
November 11, 2016, Robert C. worked with Steve Emery but at different companies

I have worked closely with Steve for several years now. I have been thoroughly impressed with his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and his passion for working within the recovery industry. He posesses an exceptional natural ability to provide the highest quality of care to those whose health and welfare for whom he is responsible. His behavioral modification and anger management services have proven to be a great asset to our program. He is motivated, steadfast, and his diligence and professionalism are to be admired. He is not only an industry associate, but a personal friend who can be counted on whenever his experience is needed. As an industry provider, and as a person, Steve is of the highest caliber.

Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D.

Best-Selling Author at KTC Publishing Phase IIC Coaching, LLC
July 31, 2014, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. was Steve Emery’s teacher

I had the pleasure of having Mr. Emery in my Nationally Certified Gambling Addiction Coach Course. Mr. Emery was an excellent student of Professional Coaching! He is very well rounded as a recovery coach. I would recommend him for anyone that needs a Professional Addiction Recovery Coach. Excellent job!


Steve Emery Director of Anchorage Recovery Center llc

Recommendations and reviews

Jeffrey Young
Primary Therapist at A Sober Way Home
July 25, 2016, Jeffrey worked with Steve Emery but at different companies

I have worked with Steve over the last several years and he is my first choice for structured sober living. His commitment to his clients and his own personal recovery are a solid example the program being put into action. I would highly recommend making a connection to Steve Emery!

Melissa Killeen
Author of Recovery Coaching: A Guide to Coaching People in Recovery from Addictions
March 20, 2015, Melissa was Steve Emery’s mentor

Steve Emery amazes me with his intellect, attitude and forbearance. Steve has been at the bottom, and has dragged and clawed his way to the top. He has committed himself to learning and achieved significant certifications. He has recovery coaching credentials, intervention certifications, he counsels others on anger management, he jumps out of airplanes, has mastered the physical exigencies of the MMA world and then has the grace to reach out and mentor young recovering addicts with the care and kindness of a pastor. I relish knowing Steve. He is a unique individual.

Benjamin Justiniano
Interventionist in Training who Provides Sober Transports
April 19, 2014, Benjamin worked with Steve Emery but at different companies

I have known Steve since the very first day he arrived in Prescott. His desire to grow and expand his ability to help others from the depths of drug addiction started just a few months into our relationship. Before all the national certifications and accreditations he volunteered to work and hold positions at the facitlity I managed and succesfully ran meetings and helped others through the day to day issues that affect ones journey in recovery. From his own personal successes, the ongoing national certifications he obtains, and the direct one on one contact from managing all aspects of a recovery facility, he has every experience and skill to draw from in order to give anyone the best oppurtunity to live the life we dream of free from addiction. Anyone looking for a personal recomendation for Steve can contact me directly at anytime! 

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach
#1 Best Selling Author! The Addictions Academy
February 17, 2015, Dr. Cali Estes, was Steve Emery’s teacher

Steve Emery signed up at The Addictions Academy and completed our International Master Addictions Coach Program that includes Anger Management. He is amazing when it comes to working one on one with anger management clients and group facilitation. We are proud to announce Steve as one of our students and proud to see his amazing results with clients! Congrats Steve!

Lucas Walton
CEO/Founder at Pathfinders Recovery Center
September 14, 2015, Lucas worked with Steve Emery but at different companies

Steve Emery is an awesome guy to work with. He is very insightful, intelligent, and can reach any person he works with. Steve's passion for helping is unlike any other not only because of his professional path but knowing him on a personal level has allowed me the privilege of seeing his dedication, what he does for others in his down time speaks to his genuine caring personality. Steve is a great guy to work with and I am happy to be in contact with him on a weekly basis.

Kim Welsh
Life is What YOU make of it.
May 20, 2014, Kim worked with Steve Emery but at different companies

Steve and I have been involved in many recovery related projects together and travel in many of the same circles. Steve is dedicated to the people he involves in his life, whether professional or personal. His attention to the details of every venture is admirable. He's a man fully capable of any task he agrees to take on and I am grateful we have such a strong advocate for our recovery community. Kim Welsh


Welcome to Anchorage Recovery Center llc

SCPSS ( Supervising Certified Peer Support Specialist )
License Board # 13-165-H-S
Certification Date Apr 2015 – Present

UNC Health Care

IMAC ( International Master Addictions Coach )
License Certificate Number: 1000457
Certification DateJan 2015 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCRC-I ( Nationally Certified Recovery Coach I )
Certification DateJan 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCRC-II ( Nationally Certified Recovery Coach II )
Certification DateJan 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCLC ( Nationally Certified Life Coach )
Certification DateOct 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCIP-I ( Nationally Certified Interventionist Practitioner )

Certification DateJan 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCAMP-I ( Nationally Certified Anger Management Practitioner)
Certification DateFeb 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCFRC-I ( Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach )
Certification DateApr 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCFAC ( Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach )
Certification DateJul 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

NCGAC (Nationally Certified Gambling Addictions Coach)
Certification DateJul 2014 – Present
The Addictions Academy

Medication Administration Professional Training
Certification DateSep 2013 – Present
Certificate of Completion, Jane Bridges, ANP-C

Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
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American Heart Association | American Stroke Association

Surviving a Loss, Behaviorl Health Professional Training
Certification DateOct 2013 – Present
Certificate of Completion, Arizona Chapter of the Association of Social Workers

SCORE Business Plan Workshop Series

Certification DateFeb 2012 – Present
Certificate of Completion, SCORE Northern Arizona Chapter 532

Peer to Peer Recovery Coaching Program

Certification DateMay 2012 – Present
Certificate of Achievement, Yavapai County, Arizona

Recovery Dynamics 12 Step Workshop
Certification Date2011 – Present
Certificate of Completion, the Kelley Foundation